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"My business would come to a grinding halt without DocAssist. They handle all of my file administration so I can focus on spending time with referral sources and bringing in more clients. Anyone looking to grow their business or improve their lifestyle should seriously consider DocAssist."
Chris Landry
CMP Top 75 Broker

You'll work with experts

You work with licensed and trained professionals who go through a rigorous hiring and training process. On average our administrative team has 6 years in the mortgage industry.

We'll have your back (so you can relax)

Whether you want to grow your business or develop work life balance, it means you need to take a step back from admin tasks. Our underwriting team handles the most time consuming parts of file management, so you can do what you need to do.

You'll make more money

Our brokers report that up to 70% of their time is freed up after joining DocAssist. What could you do with all that free time? Most of our clients decide to focus on sales and marketing, and spend more energy networking and close more deals.


Document Management

Let’s say you get a 40 page PDF document from a client early in the day. You know that in that document is one page with a pay stub that you need to send to the lender right away. You don’t dare take the chance of sending all the documents to the lender. You don’t have time to sort it and break the document apart yourself as you have three back to back client meetings.

Our document management queue allows you to forward those documents to us and they’ll be sorted and labeled quickly so you don't have spent time searching for that item. We’ll send you an itemized list, so you know exactly was in it and you can grab that doc without any fear.

  • Preparation of shared client folders
  • Documents are sorted, labeled and filed
  • Itemized email notifications
  • Service 7 days per week

Underwriting & Fulfillment

What would happen to your business if you could completely avoid paperwork altogether? You’ve likely already fantasized exactly what you’d do with that free time. We’ve had high-performance brokers double and triple their business practically over night and still have free time to more spend time with their family.

How does it work? First, You are assigned a dedicated underwriting or fulfilment specialist. Depending on which service level you receive, your dedicated team member will take over either at the time of application or when the lender issues a commitment.

  • Condition Management and Document Collection, including client, lender and third party communication.
  • Appraisal Management
  • Closing and Compliance Document Preparation
  • Inbound Document Sorting

About DocAssist

DocAssist was founded in 2016 by a group of high producing mortgage brokers. As a small team we needed our own internal underwriting support to handle the deal flow. When other people heard about what we built, they asked us if we could help them too. Fast forward two years, we’re supporting 50+ mortgage agents producing $600 million per year in origination. If you’d like to know more or work together, get it touch! We’d love to hear from you.


Though we do not hold brokers to minimum production, brokers that are over the $10M mark are candidates for this type of service.

 A: We’ve got you covered. Another member of our team will step into your underwriter/fulfillment specialist’s place to cover while they are away

We’ll save you money on the cost of support, handle the hiring and training, and manage the employee leaving you to focus on the parts of your business that make you money!

You will have a dedicated UW/FS for your files so you can establish a rhythm working together and build a deep trust which allows you to step back from the administration with comfort

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