Due to a CRA policy change we are no longer able to offer Notice of Assessments for income verification purposes. Please contact brad@docassist.ca for questions.

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On-Demand Admin Support for Canadian Mortgage Professionals

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Grow Your Mortgage Business with Scalable Support
DocAssist reduces your administrative workload so you can focus on sales and growing your business. Set up is a breeze! You don't have to leave your current brokerage, and you maintain complete control over your clients. Click Here to activate your account and we'll have you up and running in minutes.
People, Not Software
Mortgage administration requires a personal touch. Your files are handled with care by our friendly staff.
On-Demand Pricing
Your business volumes fluctuate, and our variable pricing means you only pay for what you need, when you need it.
No Contracts
Stick around because you love the service. We don't have long term contracts, so there's never any risk.
Our Brokers Succeed
More Cost Effective
Brokers found our service to be sixty percent more cost effective than hiring an employee for the same tasks.
Saved Per Month
The average full-time broker cuts their administrative workload by thirty hours per month.
Improved Productivity
By leveraging our administrative services, the average broker saw a forty percent boost in overall productivity.
What Others are Saying
"My business would come to a grinding halt without DocAssist.
They handle all of my file administration so I can focus on spending time with referral sources and bringing in more clients.
Anyone looking to grow their business or improve their lifestyle should seriously consider DocAssist."
Chris Landry, Paragon Mortgage Group, CMP Top 75 Broker
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