Order your Client's NOA Documents Online

If you’re a mortgage broker, you know how frustrating it can be to lose a file because your client can’t send you their NOAs. At DocAssist we provide on demand NOA retrieval for mortgage brokers. You simply get your client to sign an authorization form, and we’ll retrieve the documents directly from CRA within 4 business hours.

"DocAssist [is] far superior to anything I have used to date. My client was able to sign their form online without having to print or scan anything. I had their NOA within 20 minutes! And all at a lower cost than the previous programs I used. I'm thrilled to be able to have this option for my business in the future. Thank you for making this a streamline process and saving me time and money! Love it!."
Kaela Fraser
Mortgage Broker

Fast Turnaround

On average, we deliver NOAs within 4 hours of your client signing the approval document. On files with a tight deadline, this fast turnaround can save the day.

Client Friendly

We use a simple and straightforward digital signing process so your clients can quickly authorize the order online, no printing or scanning required.

Your Underwriters Are Happier

Our NOAs are digital copies, not fuzzy snapshots taken from an odd angle. When you send it to the underwriter, they’re going to love you.


Notice of Assessment

$ 19 Per Client
  • Most recent 2 years' NOAs
  • 4 Hour Turnaround
  • T4s and T5s available (add $10)

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